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My Artwork of my Kitty character and more!
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My name is Bernadette Chalke and I went to The New England Institute of Art for 2 years.
I realized that college wasn't for me, so I decided to use the skills I learned, and the rest was self-taught.
I created and Illustrated my first Children's book called "Little Frog's Hat Collection."
Mitch and I created this story together. He wrote the story and I did the Illustrations.
Now I have a second book called "Kitty Makes a Wish." This time this was written and Illustrated by me.
Mitch is my boyfriend that I met in college. He went for Animation, and I took Graphic Design.
We've been together for 4 years now, and we still are growing strong. He is also a talented artist.
His goal is to finish college and get a job as a game character designer.

You can find my examples of my artwork on this site, as well as my other use of media.
I do many different types of artwork. Mostly all for children. But, I do art for adults too.